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The Creditity loan platform offers payday loans from private individuals to private individuals. Whether consumers, self-employed, freelancers or StartUp, with Creditity there is the possibility to take on good terms a loan.

Creditity P2P loan for individuals

Creditity P2P loan for individuals

People are looking for a loan for a variety of reasons. But not everyone wants to go to their bank, but prefers ways in which the credit marketplace Creditity offers them in the form of P2P credit.

There private individuals can lend money to private investors who want to invest their money in this type of loan. The conditions for this can vary widely and depend among other things on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Loans to self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and freelancers

Loans to self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and freelancers

In Germany, banks often find it difficult to lend to the self-employed, entrepreneurs and freelancers. This may be due to the old thinking that self-employment is a little too uncertain. But the professional world has long since changed, and freelance work is now part of everyday life for many Germans.

This has been recognized by loan platforms such as Creditity, which is why they are happy to lend money from private investors to self-employed and freelancers. Important is the credit rating, and their classification, not the activity itself. When companies need capital for investment, the self-employed no longer have to bank. The money can now be borrowed from private investors online.

Loans for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Anyone who wants to start a business in Germany does not always have an easy time to get financing done: Banks often do not want to do what they could when it comes to leveraging a start-up.

This is different with Creditity. Here are the possibilities of such new companies, in which individuals finance the granting of loans with their funds. Even borrowing money for equity is possible without further ado.

Target group oriented loans

The loans that can be taken out via Creditity are target group oriented. As a result, white-collar workers, freelancers, self-employed workers and start-ups have almost equally good chances of obtaining a loan from private individuals via this loan platform.

It is important, for each individual target group: there are proofs about the regular income or income to provide. In addition, at Creditity, as with the other loan platforms, information is obtained from the credit bureau, if there are negative entries.

That means: for Creditity a loan without credit bureau is not possible, but loans for different target groups.

Create projects and borrow money from Creditity

At Creditity, in order to obtain loans, ideas and wishes are formulated into “projects”. These are then put online in the credit marketplace, so that investors who want to lend money through this platform. Knowing what to look for in the best way.

The project will be subject to a specific interest rate based on the credit rating of Creditity. If the project is successful, the loan will be paid to the project creator. In addition to the interest, this also bears the borrowing costs.

Credit requirements at Creditity

Credit requirements at Creditity

  • At least 18 years old
  • Residence in Germany
  • German bank account
  • regular income (salary certificates for the last three months)

What are the charges for the borrower at Creditity?

Signing up is free for both borrowers. Credit fees are only incurred if your project has been fully funded and approved. There is then a one-off Creditity fee of 0.25% – 4.50% of the net loan amount. The fees depend on duration and creditworthiness. Special repayments are possible at any time free of charge.

How much can I get a loan from Creditity?

At Creditity, loans can be raised from 1000 dollars to 30000 dollars. The repayment term can be between 6 and 60 months.

How do I increase the chances of getting a personal loan on this platform?

The better a project is formulated, the greater the chances of obtaining a loan through Creditity. Just lending money for the reason XY is not necessarily the best option. Formulating your project well and selling it well is the best and most important step on the way to such a personal loan through a lending platform like Creditity.

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