Loan shark or lender urgently sought – illegally lend money

What is a loan shark? – Where do loan sharks do their business?

A loan shark is a person who lends at extremely high interest rates. Sharks are generally considered greedy and this property is projected onto the loan shark. These loans are usually given to people who have no credit standing and are in an emergency situation. No reputable bank would grant credit to these people because the default risk of the loan is too high. In desperation, these people then borrow money from a loan shark that illegally grants them credit on extremely poor terms.

Loan sharks are often associated with criminal organizations and thus have a large sum of money and many contacts with powerful people. Loan sharks are often found near places where gambling is conducted. Desperate players hope to be able to recover their losses with the money of the credit shark. The player is often unclear in what a dangerous situation he goes with the credit and firmly believes in the profit. This usually does not work and in addition to the debt, the player now has a criminal as a creditor who wants to collect his money by any means. Violence and intimidation are commonplace for a loan shark. That’s why the metaphor with the predator of the sea is more than just fitting.

What can a victim of a credit shed do?

As a rule, people notice too late when they have become victims of a credit shark. The loans are not closed by rational action and when the money is lost, people are in front of a pile of rubble. Due to the high pressure of the loan shark and its debts, many people fall into a deep hole from which they can not escape without help. Often they are ashamed to ask other people for advice. Then they would have to admit their own mistakes and admit the often secret gambling addiction. Even going to the police is very difficult for these people. In addition, the loan shark often threatens serious consequences if the victim wants to speak with the police. Out of fear and despair, many people now commit more crimes to get the loan shark money. For this family members are often robbed and cheated.

Should the victim of a credit shark go to the police?

Victims of a credit shark should definitely seek help from the police and not be intimidated by the crook’s threats. Otherwise, the pit the victim digs gets deeper and deeper. Even with the family, the victim should speak and openly admit his guilt. In many cases, the relatives will show understanding and try to help with words and deeds. From this much strength and strength can be drawn. Loan sharks are often targeted in the police, so with the help of the body may possibly be important new evidence. For fear of being prosecuted for their own crimes, however, many victims of a credit shed refrain from going to the police. The constant intimidation and threats are further tools with which the loan sharks prevent the victim from thinking clearly and acting with a cool head.

credit bureau-free loan with immediate promise – the empty promises of the loan sharks

A negative entry in the credit bureau and it is difficult at the bank with the lending. Many people then look for addresses and contacts to a loan shark in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich or Bremen. Many credit seekers are hoping to get cash right from the loan shark. Often these pesons are quickly taught a better.
Here you will find information on Swiss loans (credit bureau free credit).

For personal loan you come in other ways

A private loan, you can also get quite reputable and without rip-off and without loan shark under certain conditions.

ILLEGAL MONEY Lend to loan sharks or other dubious donors

ILLEGAL MONEY Lend to loan sharks or other dubious donors

I urgently need money who helps?
Not all private individuals who want to lend money are illegal lenders. Look carefully at offers. If you suspect that money is suspicious or strange, trust your inner gut feeling and leave these dubious recommendations to the left. In case of doubt, check with your consumer center if you have reached reputable private credit intermediaries. Even if you have a negative credit bureau entry, your loan request can come true. A reputable broker does not charge any fees or prepay for his services. The self-employed, pensioners, apprentices, unemployed or probationary workers or other persons who do not have regular income do not have to lend extra money illegally to clear their bank account or to have money for important purchases.

If you are in a bad financial situation and you have urgently needed purchases or necessary repairs, then you usually go to your house bank or to a credit intermediary. But who does not have the necessary conditions, such as sufficient creditworthiness, no negative credit bureau entry, is rejected by the bank. If you do not get a loan commitment, the easiest solution would be to borrow cash from a loan shark in an unbureaucratic way. Here, however, extreme caution is required. Stay away from such dubious loan offers! If you are temporarily on cash and the loan application has been rejected by the bank, you should not borrow money illegally. Serious private lenders can hardly be found in classifieds.

Illegal loans without any refusal without advance payment

Illegal loans without any refusal without advance payment

Borrowing money from private individuals on the Internet is possible even in difficult cases despite the negative information provided by credit bureau. The provision of such a loan for the self-employed, students, apprentices, pensioners, probationary or unemployed persons is possible either through foreign credit institutions as a so-called “Swiss loan” or as a private loan from private investors. People who need a credit in hopeless cases, which is awarded without credit check, often come to credit fraudsters. Cash without any questions will not be given to you by a reputable lender. Because even in close family circle, it is important to the lender to get his lent money back. Lenders, whether banks or private lenders, want to protect themselves against default as much as possible, so credit checks are carried out before lending.

In order to obtain a flexible and respectable personal loan without having to borrow illegally from dubious loan sharks, important points have to be considered in the private loan search. Check it; Information on nominal and effective interest rates, loan amount and terms! If the lender demands costs, you should become skeptical.

Private loans from private providers

Private loans from private providers

Borrow money immediately Despite credit bureau and bad creditworthiness can be realized unbureaucratically, without bank and without paperwork directly by money from private individuals. But who lends me money despite credit bureau with immediate payment? Private individuals who lend money should not search in classifieds or advertisements. Borrowing money privately is completely legitimate in large personal loan platforms legitimately possible. A private loan is available through platforms that raise money for those in need through the crowdfunding principle. Private investors allow borrowers between 1,000 and 50,000 USD quickly and easily after a quick commitment. This form of lending on the Internet is without lengthy bank meetings. Private persons and not loan sharks finance your loan. With the money lending on favorable terms, they quickly overcome financial bottlenecks. The credit decision will be made online shortly after the loan request.



Where can I get credit illegally? If money has to be available quickly, then the illegal procurement of money through illegal lenders is the wrong way to go. In special Internet exchanges there are loans from private donors despite credit bureau, which gives it without bank and completely legal. The increased risk of default resulting from bad credit features should make it clear to the borrower that higher interest rates will result. Loans are issued from private assets without any cost. You do not have to gain loan shark experience first. Save time, hassle and money by contacting the right address! If you have financial difficulties, visit a debt counseling center in your area.

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