Credit financing for a new heating / heating system

What should be considered for a loan for the new heating / heating system?

Are you planning to buy a new heating or heating system and need a loan? Then you should continue reading, because here you will learn what to consider.

More efficiency in heat recovery

An optimal heat supply only offers a modern heating system. If you want to replace your old heating system in order to increase energy efficiency, then you can benefit from grants and low-interest loans. In the long term, this makes your wallet noticeable. But first the heating has to be financed. This is why a classic installment loan comes into question. But first you should get a quote from your specialist, so that the loan amount really covers all costs.

Which banks are available for a heating loan?

Which banks are available for a heating loan?

You have the choice between a branch bank / house bank or a direct bank. Certainly there is a special relationship of trust with your house bank. But that should not hide the fact that this is not always the best solution. The interest rates on the credit for the new heating are usually higher than for the online banks on the Internet.

The conditions are likely to differ from those of the direct banks. To find the right bank, you should use a loan calculator for a credit comparison on the Internet. These are offered free of charge and most of the time you can apply for the loan directly over the internet.

What should be considered in a credit comparison?

What should be considered in a credit comparison?

Not only the amount of APR should be taken as a basis. It is also important, as it looks with the other conditions. This includes a free special repayment option. If you intend to repay your loan for the new heating system before the end of the term, then you should pay close attention to this point.

Most branch banks require money for special repayments. They justify this with the interest forgone. Online banks generally refrain from these fees, which in technical jargon is called prepayment penalty. Partly, the banks also offer installment breaks once a year. Therefore, it is worthwhile to compare the offers exactly.

Private loan for heating

Private loan for heating

Since new time there is also the possibility to borrow money from private individuals. The relevant portals can also be found on the Internet via a comparison computer. The background is that here actually private lenders offer loans. In contrast to the established banks, self-employed and freelancers also get a loan here. A home loan can be a good alternative for financing the new heating if you do not want to get or get credit from the bank.

The credit bureau

In all cases, applicants must have a positive credit bureau. Without this, a loan is rejected in principle. It is enough to have a bill not paid in time to get a negative credit bureau entry. Anyone who wants to take out a loan, should first get a self-assessment at the credit bureau in Wiesbaden. So you are safe from surprises.


The installation of a new heating system can certainly be financed. The following points should be noted:

  • The amount of the interest rate
  • Free special repayments should be possible
  • Alternative money from private
  • There may be funding. The bank likes to answer this question.
  • Branch bank or house bank is usually more expensive than online banks

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